How to book a car in Riga?

It is possible to book a car in advance. To make a booking you need to fill form in website, indicate the driver\'s name, using the Latin alphabet - this is important. Before filling carefully read the rules of car rental in Riga (Latvia) in order to avoid further issues.

Using the map on website you can see the points with all car rental companies in Riga, which deals with in this type of services. If the map has a big number of notes - that means that there are a lot of companies.

After car booking is completed correctly, the reservation can be processed, what it means.

You can select and change the several of booking points for car rental in Latvia:

  • look at your booking
  • print a vouchers
  • cancel the booking
  • change booking etc.

By changing features such as pick up or drop off place, time and date, or changing other details, old voucher will be canceled and a new voucher-confirmation of booking will be created, so be careful when making changes.

You see! Car rental in Riga - it is bliss. At any time when you need a car, you can sit down behind comfortable first-class car steering wheel and go to enjoy the city sights, architectural monuments, visit the theater, museums or some excursion.