Requirements for car rental in Latvia

Latvia - it is gaining more and more popularity as a tourist center in the world. Many people traveling here just on weekends and hire a car to admire beauty of nature in Latvia. Some people are traveling there on vacation\'s to sea side to get some tan and enjoy delightful views of Baltic\'s.

Why Baltic\'s is so attractive to all? Statistics indicate that foreign tourists are attracted by the pleasant stay and flight costs. Yes, indeed prices are quite reasonable and democratic.

Todays topic - what are the requirements and regulations in order to hire a car in Latvia. It is understood that every country has some kind of its own laws, requirements and traffic regulations. Also in Latvia there are some nuances to hire a car and today we will discus them.

What is required to hire a car in Latvia?

If you want to rent a car in Latvia, then you must be at least 18 year old. (Specify: sometimes the age limit may vary depending on the car type and category). Also driver must own a driver\'s license with record of service that is not less than one year. That is, after a driving license acquisition date has passed at least one year.

In some cases, when renting a car in Latvia driver under the age of 21 years may have an addition charge for age. You must use a safety belt while driving. Very important nuance - children under seven years need to be transported in child seat.

A few more requirements:

  • There is a speed limit on highways - 100 km/h out of town 90 km/h in city 50 km/h.
  • Car headlights must be turned on.
  • It\'s forbidden to use a cell phone while driving. Driver can talk on the phone only when car has been stopped.
  • Like a rule, all Gas stations in Latvia works 24 hours a day, according to that, there shouldn\'t be any problems with refueling. What type of fuel you will need to use you will get informed when picking up a car, it depends on the type of vehicle.
  • Do not forget to leave parking voucher behind the window If the driver has violated rules, you can get blocked tire.

That\'s all, nothing complicated, renting a car won\'t cause any problems to you or us during your.