The benefits of car rental in Latvia

You are planning to travel around Latvia to relax, on business trip, vacation or just to spend some time with your loved one? You want to save on car rental? Then use service with beneficial terms that is provided by our company.

Today we will discuss advantages of car rental in Latvia. Witch are most popular and beneficial car models, and main nuance, the price, that will pleasantly surprise you.

We can offer car rental in capital of Latvia – Riga, as well as in other cities in this hospitable country. We are offering cars only from highest classes from leading suppliers in market.

Obviously that choice, when renting a car, depends on purpose of your visit and from that how freely you desire to move around the country. On our website, just in five minutes, you will be able to find your most convenient option, to compare prices and to book a car.

Main advantages for car rental in Latvia.

The undeniable advantage of this service is the fact that You don\'t need to pay for expensive car maintenance to use it for short therm.

Practice shows that average rental period is shorter than one week. That means that person will need a car maximum for one week, to relax and enjoy the beauty of Latvia. In simple language – a person hires a car based on his needs, without limiting his options.

Also we can mention that car rental – that is opportunity to ride a car that person is dreaming to purchase, but simply can’t afford it. Of course that costs will be a bit higher but that shouldn\'t scare off true first-class, luxury automobile enthusiasts.

For example, if family have arrived for couple of days to go for a picnic and to see main sights, car rental in Latvia will be perfectly suitable. You will be able to go where and when you want. A car – That is comfort and belief that your holidays will be successful, it specialty if you are traveling with kids.

Car list and prices:

  • Toyota Yaris, 2014-2015 - 19 € per day
  • VW Golf 7, Tsi, 2013-2016 - 21 € per day
  • Opel Astra, automatic, 2015 - 2016 gada - 23 € per day
  • Nissan Juke, automatic, 2013-2015 - 25 € per day
  • Lexus 600H Long President, 2011 - 299 € per day
  • VW Polo, 2010-2013 - 18 € per day
  • VW Golf 6, 2012 – 20 € per day

Relax and travel in Latvia using services of our company. Only we have the favorable conditions with democratic prices for car rental. With us you can afford to ride first-class luxury car, for affordable price.