Subtleties on rental cars in Riga

You can travel and relax in Latvia with comfort only if you know all the nuances of car hire in this country. Today, our company is willing to tell you all the nuances of the car rental in Latvia and to give some useful tips that will be helpful for you.

Tips and nuances of hiring a car:

  • In order to save your money when hiring a car in Latvia, You should make advanced reservation, better if several weeks or even a month before the car rental. Thus, you will be fully confident about guarantee that your holiday won\'t be spoiled. Especially if you want to hire a car with an automatic transmission, it must be booked in time. Vehicles with automatic transmission - it is a deficit, so Finding required model may take more time.
  • If you want to hire a non-standard car, such as convertibles, limousines or minivans, then we recommend to do it at car rental points, that are located at the airport. Why? Because the car category and model selection of the city car rentals is not as large and varied. Before choice of the model, be aware of purpose for car use, for example, if you will use a car in the city, then will fit a compact model, in the city they will be more practical, but if you will go on long trips, then you will need a larger car, because they are more powerful and convenient.
  • Do not forget to compare invoice and documents with your confirmation voucher. Sit down and carefully check everything to avoid any unnecessary questions, however if you have any questions, then solve them right away, before the car is received.
  • It is important to pick up a car at rental point correctly. Before sitting in car and leaving, carefully check that the car does not have any damages or defects, if you find any, then make sure that it is noted on your documents. If you locate any damage for that is missing in documentation, then immediately tell the rental agent to note the damage. The rental contract must be signed so that you can count on it. The documents should be kept for several months after car return.
  • If something happens to a car, something breaks, it is involved in traffic accident or theft, it is necessarily to call the rental agent. There is offered such a service as \"roadside assistance\".
  • Check the rules that are written in the voucher, because sometimes car must be returned with a full tank.
  • Before returning vehicle it is necessarily to Remove garbage, clean salon and pick up your personal belongings.