Car rental conditions


Reservation of vehicle class is confirmed. A vehicle of specific model is not guaranteed.

  • Economy class: VW Polo or similar
  • Compact class: VW Golf or similar
  • Compact class: VW T Cross or similar
  • Intermediate Automatic class: Toyota Corolla Sedan or similar
  • Standart Automatic class: VW Passat or similar
  • Intermediate Automatic class: Toyota Corolla Touring or similar
  • Standart Automatic class: VW Passat Variant or similar

Rental fee:

  • A daily rental fee is calculated for a 24-hour period.Fuel costs are not included in the rental fee.


The payment for the car rental can be made with the following credit cards:

  • VISA, VISA ELEKTRON, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO. The expected rental fee and deductible deposit are pre-authorised to be charged to the lessee’s credit card at the beginning of the rental period. 
  • SECURITY DEPOSIT in amount of EUR 200.00 will be withheld. Security deposit can be reserved from VISA, MASTERCARD (do not accept MAESTRO, VISA ELECTRON, AMEX)

Identification documentation:

  • The lessee must produce a passport and driver’s license.

Driver`s license:

  • Drivers must hold full driver`s license for minimum 2 years.  In occasion if drivers hold it less than 2 years, they will be charged with an additional daily payment of EUR 9.00.

Additional driver:

  • A charge of EUR 19.00 is applicable per each driver indicated in the rental agreement.

Car insurance:

  • The rental car is insured against damage (CDW), theft and robbery (THW), as well as the mandatory third-party liability insurance (OCTA) is also applicable. The lessee’s deductible in case of damages inflicted upon the vehicle (CDW) is up to EUR 430.00.
  • Maximum deductible in case of damages (SCDW): At the client’s discretion, the deductible for damages inflicted upon the hired car can be decreased from EUR 430.00 to EUR 0.00). In such case, the client must make a payment for the decreased deductible, which depends on the number of days that the car is rented.
  • 1- 21 days – EUR 9.00
  • 21 - or more days - EUR 5.00

Age restrictions:

  • The minimum age for the lessee/driver is 20 years. Drivers younger than 20 years of age will be charged with an additional daily payment of EUR 9.00.

Receiving and returning the vehicle:

  • Delivery in Riga and airport of Riga is free of charge (for paid bookings on webpage) An additional charge will be applied for returning the vehicle in other place in Riga in amount of EUR 19.00; as well as in other towns of Latvia: according to a prior arrangement.

One-way car rental:

  • The vehicle to be returned in Lithuania(Vilnius) or Estonia(Tallin): EUR 150.00.

Booking cancellation:

  • In case of booking cancellation prepaid amount won't refunded.

Additional equipment:

  • Car-seat for children – EUR 19.00 per period; navigation equipment: TomTom - EUR 3.00 day.


  • The amount of penalty for losing car documentation or keys is EUR 390.00. All fines for administrative and traffic violations, which have occurred while using the vehicle, must be covered by the lessee. Additional administration fee of EUR 60.00 will be calculated per each fine or administrative and traffic violation.


  • The vehicles are rented with full fuel tank. Upon returning the vehicle, a rate of  EUR 3.00 will be charged per each litre of fuel shortage.

Clean car:

  • Car must be returned back clean and washed. Penalty if the car is returned dirty form outside EUR 25.00; dirty car salon -EUR 25.00. 

Territorial restrictions:

  • The vehicle is allowed to be used in Latvia. Lithuania, Estonia 9.00 EUR per day. Crossing LV border and/or provide the car to another person without Limited Liability Company RNF co-ordination: Penalty- 390.00 EUR).
  • Penalty for entering the territory of Jūrmala without paying for entering the special regime zone in the administrative territory of the city of Jūrmala, 60 EUR.

Speed limit:

  • According to the insurance rules, driving speed cannot exceed 130km/h